Monday, June 25, 2007

Conservapedia, Answering Wikipedia's Liberalism

Conservapedia is here! Conservapedia is an online free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. Andrew Schlafly began Conservapedia as a response to the liberal-leaning Wikipedia. I myself have seen some examples, not many, but enough to realize that Wikipedia leaned toward the left. Unlike Andrew Schlafly I didn't perceive an anti-Christian nor anti-American underpinning of their encyclopedia entries, though I rarely use Wikipedia enough to discern that either way. Again, I have used it enough to realize that there is a liberal bias in it to the point of censure and blocking of many editors. Hence why I dropped Wikipedia a long time ago from my favorite links column on my blog. With that said, I am hopefully and happy that Conservapedia has been created. Even though this is a Catholic blog, I feel the need to spread the word about Conservapedia because of the subliminal liberalism inherint in many Wikipedia entries. One notable glaring liberal/secular bias is the use of the dating system of 'B.C.E./C.E." as opposed to the universal standard of "B.C./A.D.". Anyways, this is my rare official endorsement of Conservapedia. Unless of course they themselves begin the infamous/famous liberal technique of M-S-U. This technique is common among liberals when faced with glaring facts that debunk their worldview they use MSU, which is short for "Make Stuff Up", in order to cover gaps in their logic and bridge incoherent and poorly formed ideas. For Conservapedia click here. For my postings on historical dating click here and here. For today's Catholic News click here.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, whatever. I'm not sure if you're serious or joking, and I'm not interested enough to read more to find out. Basically, what you call the "universal standard" dating system of "B.C. / A.D." is in no way "universal". It's used quite often in archaeology, particularly Middle Eastern archaeology, where three different dating systems are currently in use and not everybody acknowledges the "Lord" in Anno Domini.

That's the fact of the situation. It's not something somebody made up.

Unknown said...


Speaking of facts, only well-meaning liberal US University professors & US archeologists using the BCE/CE dating system that is being forced fed to the American public. Europe and most of the world, with the exception of a couple of Islamic nations, use the BC/AD system.

You need to do a little more research before spouting off nonsense. Travel to Europe or ask any european and they will tell you the same.

And 99% of intellectuals, both liberal and conservative do acknowledge "Lord" in Anno Domini. What do you think that nobody knows Latin enough to acknowledge that?

God bless,


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