Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gay Pride Reporting Is Wretched

Apparently I can call myself a heterosexual that represents "Heterosexuals of America" with a group membership of 'one' and march in the Gay Pride parade proclaiming that since my group represents heterosexuals in America, that America 'approves' of their political agenda and get quoted on the front page of every newspaper in America that gives me gravitas to the public saying it's 'ok'. Or I could just convert to Reformed Judaism, study the Talmud for several weeks, have de facto gravitas by simply stating a 'politically correct' position of accepting a disordered lifestyle. Either effort seems to be enough for most liberal leaning newspapers, such as the Houston Chronicle, to quote 'any' sort of religious leader and mislead the public by giving the impression that religious leaders across the country approve of this disordered lifestyle. When in fact they don't. You wonder why these newspapers won't name which organizations these so-called 'religious leaders' represent, (with the exception of 'Dignity')? They don't because the public would notice that every one of these 'religious leaders' represents the fringe, or nearly defunct group of extremists, in their respective faith, such as 'Dignity', that carry little or zero support and/or gravitas. What a gross abuse of journalistic reporting. Our fellow brothers and sisters that suffer from the disorder same sex attraction need our love and fraternal correction, not the continued effort to enable someone to sin more and continue in a most dangerous lifestyle. To enable those who suffer from this contributes to a hazardous and dangerous lifestyle that destroys family relationships, ostracizes children, contributes to the AIDS epidemic, and is prone to violence within their own social circles due to serial relationships that create unstable and unhealthy lives? An analogy to this is why would I want to participate in a Drunk Pride parade and support alcoholics in their lifestyle of drinking themselves to death? Why would I want to support someone who passes out to fall asleep? Who will have the strong possibility of dieing from their abusive and detrimental behavior of drinking? That because of their lifestyle are unable to keep long-term relationships, keep a stable job, and probably die from cirrhosis? I'm done. For the Houston Chronicle post on religious approval of homosexuality click here. To read on the Church's teachings on homosexuality click here.


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