Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Houston's 'Ultimate Church'

So the Houston Chronicle is running a contest as to what is the 'Ultimate Church' here in Houston. No Catholic church made it on the initial ballot, but they can be written in. Here are the top vote getter's so far: 1. Lakewood Church 36% 2. 'Write In' 26% (The Chron isn't breaking down the votes, so they're all bunched into one) 3. Second Baptist 19% 4. Windsor Village United Methodist 8% 5. Fellowship of the Woodlands 7% 6. Grace Community Church 3% As you can see in the photo below, this vote is taking place in the 'Entertainment' section. I for one would be embarrassed to see ANY Catholic church to be mentioned at all. Sunday's were left for the faithful to praise and worship Him, not to be 'Entertained'. Fortunately we Catholics still honor this 2000 year tradition of setting aside Sunday's to receive Him in body and blood, as it says in the Holy Gospel of St. John all of chapter six (6). (Hat Tip: Handmaiden)


Unknown said...

To be fair, this is a 'fun' poll. And in no way is a reflection on our other seperated brothers in Christ and their practices. This posting is more an emphasis of the importance and sacredness of Mass for Catholics on Sunday. Especially in light of all the 'liturgical' dancers and 'innovative' abuses taken by certain parishes across the country and around the (western) world.

God bless,


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