Monday, September 25, 2006

Aznar: Islam Must Apologize for Conquest

Jose Maria Aznar, the former Prime Minister of Spain, told reporters on Saturday in reference to Muslims crying for the Pope to continue to apologize for exercising his free speech; and in a lecture in which he was taken out of context.
"It is interesting to note that while a lot of people in the world are asking the pope to apologise for his speech, I have never heard a Muslim say sorry for having conquered Spain and occupying it for eight centuries."
This is in reference to the Muslim invasion and occupation of Spain for approximately 700 years where forced conversions, second class citizenship, rape, and enslavement were implemented on the Christian, mostly Catholic, population of Spain. Mr. Aznar also added:
"We are living in a time of war... It's them or us. The West did not attack Islam, it was they who attacked us." "We must face up to an Islam that is ambitious, that is radical and that influences the Muslim world, a fundamentalist Islam that we must confront because we don't have any choice." "We are constantly under attack and we must defend ourselves,"
For more on this article click here. UPDATE: For a more comprehensive article on the Aznar statement click here.


It is so disheartening to think that the Spainsh voted this guy out, one of the few European leaders who understood the clash of civilizations. In only 3 years time the once great nation of Spain has become a joke...

1-One terrorist attack and they thorw in the towl on the war on terror.

2-The Socialist gov't legalized gay marriage and even removes mother and father from the birth certificates.

3-They even have laws saying that men have to do 50% of housework, just to cave in to the demands of femminists.

4-The new gov't is full of anti-semites who have nothing but contempt for Jews.

5-All the statues of General Francisco Franco, the man who saved Spain from Stalinist Rule have been torn down.

I seriously hope this gov't is just a fluke and the good people of Spain will toss them out next election. It honestly seems as if the Nationalists lost the Civil War, 70 years later and the lefties are making up for lost time.

Just as I feel that the Church in America can't get everything in order till we fix the problems in the liturgy and within religious orders, the Church in the world can not attain its former glory untill the once great Catholic nations like Spain and France return to the Church.

Tito said...


It's important that we are strong in our faith, in practice as in word.

Then we should also do what we are able to do, to root out problem clergy and laity from our beautiful Catholic Church.

skeetor said...

This speech by the former prime minister puts many things in context. I am thankful to you for finding it.

Tito said...

You're welcome Skeetor.

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