Monday, September 25, 2006

New Catholic Converts

I love conversion stories. Convert to Catholicism young adult Stephanie of Austin, Texas has a blog, La Vie Catholique, to express her faith. She has a nice posting named The New Faithful explaining her yearning for the Truth which I advise my avid readers to peruse.
"...many of today’s young adults are not embracing the hippie ethos of their parents’ generation. Instead, they are embracing traditional morality and religion. Their choice arises not from fear, ignorance, or nostalgia. It springs from an intense and abiding hunger for God, and a deep disillusionment with what they view as the God-substitutes of our post-modern culture."


(Hat Tip: Catholic and Enjoying It!) For the posting click here.


skeetor said...

As we get older we get better at many things, unfortunately one of those things is lying to ourselves. God bless the kids.

Tito said...


I respectfully disagree with your statement, but only time will tell with me.

God bless,


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