Saturday, September 2, 2006

University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish

It's Labor Day Weekend and it is the 'unofficial' beginning of College football season. A couple of years back I disowned the University of Notre Dame as I continued to learn more of their unCatholic curriculum, campus life, and football issues that nagged at me. After learning a bit more of how Catholic Notre Dame is after all regardless of its spineless President and near-heretic Fr. McBrian (not bothering to see if I'm spelling it correctly), I am grappling with the issue of returning my allegiance to this storied football program. It's been roughly two years since I disowned the Fighting Irish, but I feel I am coming to grips with being able to root for them. Yeah, it's only football, but like everything else in being a Catholic symbolism means everything and I'd like to root for Notre Dame without causing a scandal that I may be condoning their past behavior by disregarding them. Anyways, I'm praying more about this. In the meantime I'll be rooting for my alma mater, the University of Arizona, playing BYU at home and my home state of Hawaii which is playing in Tuscaloosa against the Crimson Tide of Alabama! BEAR DOWN!


I to gave up on Notre Dame for a while too however after researching a bit more, while things aren't great they are getting better, not worse, so there is reason to hope. I have especailly heard good things about their law school incorporating Orthodox Catholicism into the curriculum.

A friend of mine, a Medical Doctor, has a Minor in Theology from Notre Dame. he uses his superior eductation and intellilectual prowess to shove for pro-abortion, pro-gay agenda's

Go Longhorns!

Tito said...


Yeah, I'd like to root for them as well.

We'll see.

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