Thursday, September 21, 2006

Troy Polamalu's Christian Faith

Troy Polamalu a strong safety for the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers prays the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Memorare once a day, carries a Rosary with him everywhere everyday, and believes that being a Christian is not just a Sunday exercise. Raised in Oregon in the Catholic faith, Mr. Polamalu always reminds himself that through good and bad he offers everything to Jesus. He is a gentle soul with a Christian aura around him that has also inspired other friends and colleaguees to become better Christians. Mr. Polamalu is a permanent fixture at Mass at St. Bartholomew and calls last years Super Bowl victory "really beautiful and a blessing". He gives every effort on and off the field of carrying his faith as a "way to glorify God".

Troy Polamalu, a brother in Christ, alter christus. To read the rest of the article click here.

Updated (2-2-2009 A.D.): Mr. Troy Polamalu converted to Greek Orthodox two years ago. His wife is a Greek Orthodox and he is just as devout, if not more so!

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it is interesting to see there is a number of devout catholics in the NFL. In WI we have Brett Favre who is rumored to go to daily Mass.

Tito said...

I hear somewhat similar things about Bret. It would be cool if he was.

Anonymous said...

Troy is actually Greek Orthodox

Anonymous said...

yes, he is actually greek orthodox because his wife is greek orthodox. But, you're right, he is a good christian and a wonderful example of how to lead a good life in service.

If he's Greek Orthodox, why does he pray the Rosary. The Rosary is Catholic and came into use after the Orthodox left the Church.

byzantium said...

Tito i think it's the other way around and the orthodox have the prayer rope wich can be called a rosary.

::Sylvia:: said...
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::Sylvia:: said...

Yes, he is Greek Orthodox and it isn't just because his wife is.

Also, Orthodox Christians have had the practice of praying with a prayer rope since the time of St. Anthony the Great, which was pre-schism. The Catholics changed the look of it by adding beads, etc. but the practice was already in use for centuries.

Here's a recent interview of Troy's where he discusses his Faith.

Also, here's a blog where someone actually met him at an Orthodox monastery several times.

Either way, I think it's great that he is pronouncing his faith as a Christian without shame. I think children of all denominations should look up to someone like that.

victor#58 said...

either way . i respect a man who trusts in the lord , not only that im a steelers fan, but i realy admire a man who prays after every single play .
God bless you troy

It's been three years since I've posted about this. What I've come to learn more is that he is most likely Greek Orthodox. In addition he prays the Rosary, which is not a practice for Greek Orthodox.

The only other explanation is that it could be prayer beads that the Greek Orthodox use that I am very unfamiliar with.

Anonymous said...

Troy Polamalu supports an Orthodox charity call Focus North America, check it out:

Anonymous said...

I think people are focused on the wrong thing here. The brother believes in Christ! He is a Christian, those that believe in Christ is therefor Christian. Religions are made by man! Your faith in Christ is your love for him. Getpast the "title of religion"

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