Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cardinal Pell's Questions on Islam

Cardinal George Pell of Australia brought up some interesting thoughts about a needed dialogue with Islam. Some of them touch on the connection between Islam and violence and the relationship between Islam and the state. Here a three excerpts from an excellent article in The Australian website:

The Pope and Pell articulate an emerging Catholic view about Islam. They believe the core issues are not being confronted: the link between Islam and the state and between Islam and violence. The test is whether Islam accepts religious tolerance and whether it rejects violence. They believe Islamic doctrine and practice in parts of the world today demands such a discussion... Turning to the pessimistic side, Pell says: "In my own reading of the Koran I began to note down the invocations to violence. There are so many of them, however, that I abandoned this exercise after 50 or 60 or 70 pages."

The more muscular stance of the Catholic Church can help if it encourages genuine dialogue. Yet it will be seriously counter-productive if it damages relations between two great religions...

To read more of Cardinal Pell and his concerns about Islam click here.


I think Pell would make a good Pope someday.

Tito said...

Yes, agreed.

Cardinal Pell 'may' be to outspoken, but with more and more of the College of Cardinals being internationalized, he may have a chance... but I want to hold on to our current gentle and scholastic pope as much as possible before this happens.

benning said...

There is no dialogue with the Muslim world. None. You cannot "dialogue" with the minions of Evil. It's foolish to try. Muslims are not required to speak the truth. They are permitted, by their Koran, to lie whenever it will further the aims of Islam.

Dialogue? Pteh!

Foolish! Benedict spoke nothing but truth and is being pushed to apologize! For what? For quoting another person? For speaking historical truth? Dialogue? You may as well dialogue with a wall as with the Islamic World.

Got a tad worked up there, but that gets me peeved!

Tito said...

Our Lady of Fatima will help sort things out. May God have mercy on these Muslims.

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