Monday, September 18, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI Electrifies the West

Pope Benedict XVI, the gentle, philosophical, and theological Pope has inadvertently electrified the West by his recent lecture at Regensburg University. By wanting to remind the West about the dangers of separating reason from God and quoting a medieval text as an example, the Holy Father received unnecessary attention from the Muslim world. The unprecedented backlash by an insecure Islamic community has brought attention to Pope Benedict XVI beyond what was expected. Western intellectuals, scholars, journalists, and lay people, Christian and non-Christian, have dissected the Pope's remarks in amazement of his sincerity and bewilderment towards Muslims everywhere. Our German shepherd only wanted to remind the West of a world without God, what he got was heralded attention and respect the world over for his genuine Christian humility. The Islamic world in response only reinforced their image of a faith insecure with itself and bogged down in violence and hatred. Let us all pray that we as Christians can walk the path of Christ as our Holy Father with humility and fortitude. For the latest news roundup for Monday, September 18 on the Pope's remarks and Islams reaction read the following: For the latest response by the Muslim world to the Pope's remarks click here. For the complete text of Pope Benedict XVI's lecture at Regensurg University click here. Why are American Muslims silent? For the Chicago Sun-Times article click here. To read why liberals don't get the latest Muslim overreaction by the L.A. Times click here. To read about 'The Pope's Challenge' by the New York Sun click here. For Muslims to learn how to protest properly click here. For Muslims to learn not how to get bent out of shape click here. For proving Emperor Manual II Paleologus right click here.


samrocha said...

Nice post, I find his remarks tacken out of context but not in the tradition of JPII... I enjoyed finding your blog

Tito said...

Samrocha (or is it Sam Rocha?),

Thank you for the kind comments. As you can read from the title of my blog, I view the world through Catholic eyes, blogging my perceptions, reactions, and insight as well as off-topic postings of my favorite sports teams and local Houston Catholic and non-Catholic events.

God bless,


Matt said...

The Popes lecture is being discussed everywhere by everybody... that's definitely what is needed, and what he had in mind.

Tito said...

A definate big plus.

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