Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pope Finds His Style

Pope Benedict XVI's visit to his home country of Germany is revealing that our pontiff has found a definitive style more to his comfort. He is beginning to develop a reputation of charity and firmness as the 'theological Pope'. Our German shepherd spoke on the rift between rational thought and God at a University lecture in Regensburg. Basically our Pope said that this ever widening gulf has contributed to the Culture of Death that Europe has embraced these past 40 years. Of separating God from reason. This point is emphasized in a recent interview by Compass Points Blog with Mark Steyn stating in no uncertain terms the demise of Europe to Islam because of Europes lack of population growth. This drop in population correlates with the lack of finding meaning in life since the end all is to fulfill ones own pleasures rather than pursuing the higher ideal of pleasing God. Though as dour as this seems the Pope is highly charitable in his actions by meeting with Catholic dissident Hans Kueng. The pontiff also likes to press the flesh so to speak as he darted out into a crowd of onlookers while in his hometown of Marktl-am-Inn. To those that know the Pope he is described as "humor, modesty and warmth." Clearly Pope Benedict XVI has gained the confidence of Catholics the world over with his own style that comforted the disaffected and strengthened the faithful. To read TIME magazines September 13 article on the Pope's University lecture click here. To read the September 13 interview with Mark Steyn click here. To read the International Herald Tribune September 13 article on the Pope's hometown visit click here.


Matt said...

"spoke on the rift between rational thought and God "

I'm not sure that you nailed that, he spoke on the compatibility betwen rational thought and God, and the incompatibility between rational thought and darwinistic evolution. Logic dictates that an irrational, random process cannot create a rational being. Man is a rational being, he could only be created through a rational process initiated by a rational being. It is the darwinists that propose something that's in a rift with rational thought.

Tito said...

Dear Spock,

Um, no, I believe you're incorrect. Of course you are your own magisterium so it is nearly pointless to debate you about this point.

Tim said...

Thanks for the prayers and the encouragement.

Tito said...


You're welcome.

God bless.

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