Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Spain Slides Further Away from the Church

In the 1930's when the ultra-liberal 'Republican' forces won the Spanish elections in highly questionable circumstances the reign of terror in the name of Communism began. They were 'Republican' in name only and wanted to create a secular state with no religion, ie, eliminate the Catholic Church. Such began the massacre of priests, nuns, monks, and many religious, the destruction of churches, convents, seminaries, monasteries, and all other symbols of the Catholic Church. One of the first edicts was the seizure of most, if not all, Church property. In an unfavorable position the Catholic Church were forced to hand over property in exchange for government subsidies. Thus where we are today with Spanish government subsidies now being eliminated. The Socialist government of Zapatero, the inheritors of the 'Republican' forces that caused so many atrocities before and during the Spanish Civil War, have concluded another step in their long fight to secularize Spain and hand this Catholic nation into the hands of Lucipher. For more on this article click here. For an excellent analysis of the Spanish Civil War by Fidei Defensor at College Catholic click here and here.


The Spanish socialists certainly know what they are doing. They have essentialy brought a "culture war" to Spain and are doing thier best to erase their nation's history so as to undo the victory of General Franco and his Catholic forces in the Spanish Civil War.

Of course the Spanish Socialists are greatly helped by American and British "intellectials" who try to paint Franco as a mini-Hitler.

Thanks for helping get the word out. What is going on in the once great Catholic nation of Spain, the nation to which millions of Catholics today owe their faith to, is becoming Godless.

Spain knew first hand what it was to fall under the yoke of the Moorish invaders, and then Spain spent 100's of years and sacrificed greatly to drive the Muslims out of Europe (sadly this was not once and for all.) Then Spain effectivly millitary contained the "reformation," and of course kept communism out of Western Europe.

I am always optimistic about the Americas, partially because our land was intialy claimed by the Spaniards and for Christ.

Tito said...

Spain needs to get the PP back in power and return Aznar to his rightful place. This placating of Muslims will be the end of Spain.

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