Friday, September 15, 2006

Oriana Fallaci (1930-2006)

Oriana Fallaci, a self-avowed atheist, passed away today in a Florence hospital. A former Italian leftist resistance fighter and a hard-as-nails journalist gained more popularity in Europe when she published her famous book months after 9/11, "The Rage and The Pride", contrasting America's and Europe’s reaction to the rise of militant Islam. The book was condemned by European elites and Muslims the world over. Despite this, the book became a best seller all over Europe and the United States. Quite a feet in Europe where best sellers rarely cross over into other European countries due to cultural and language differences. Her book, "The Rage and The Pride", may have been her seminal book and Europe’s last great hope to awaken from their death spiral of negative population growth. Miss Fallaci was an admirer of the late Pope John Paul II and our current president George W. Bush. She saw hope in Pope Benedict XVI's election to the papacy as the possible catalyst to reviving dying Europe's culture. She received a rare private meeting with Pope Benedict XVI which is unprecedented considering how precious our pontiff's time is. I also have her book on my sidebar as a must-read because that is how impressed I am of her passion for her homeland in Europe. May God have mercy on her soul. My original posting on Oriana Fallaci can be read here. To read the article on her death click here. My posting on Miss Fallaci's latest book can be read here. Update: Oriana Fallaci was born in 1929, not 1930.


I had really been hoping for a deathbed conversion here...

Esther said...

May she rest in peace.

Tito said...

Me too.

Maybe she did and the news hasn't come out yet. Or maybe she didn't want to disclose it.

Just surmising.

Anonymous said...

She's burning in hell for that abortion she had and wrote about.

Anonymous said...

According to the teaching of the Holy Roman Church, the culpability of a sin depends on the perfection of the knowledge with which it was perpetrated. Thus, though Oriana may have committed a variety of mortal sins, it is unlikely that the is fully guilty of any of them, given her drammatically imperfect knowledge (largely due to her not knowing the truths of the church and not accepting catholic moral teaching). Thus one cannot say that she is burning in hell. Sed Contra, the church has traditionally emphasied that to accuse the dead of being damned, is to be guilty of the sin presumption. Repent my child, and do not underestimate God's saving power, but study with care the wisdom of the church, to keep guard from the snares of Satan.

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