Friday, September 15, 2006

Catholic Blogging's 15 Minutes of Fame on NPR

Whispers in the Loggia a Catholic blog by Rocco Palmo has gained a bit of popularity with his insider information on the Vatican and the Catholic Church that many others can't find. In an interview by National Public Radio (NPR), Rocco explains that he is enamored with the institution that is the Catholic Church, more so the politics and intrigue inside the Vatican. At 23 years of age coming from three generations of large Italian families, Rocco lives with his parents where he blogs away in the basement of their house while receiving endless cell phone calls from insiders, friends, and acquaintances on the inner happenings of the Vatican. The interview doesn't state whether Rocco is a Catholic in name only (CINO) or if he actually follows the teachings of Jesus Christ via the Catholic Church. But he does have an affinity for news and information about the Vatican. At one point in the interview he points out that he has been accused of being a right-winger and a 'pinko', thusly being attacked by both sides of the political spectrum within Catholicism. By virtue of his even-handed yet glowing interview from NPR can we surmise that he is a CINO? NPR of course being accused many a time of being liberal. Just some friendly ribbing. Regardless, the interview was very interesting and fascinating to listen to of getting an insiders peak of the Catholic blogosphere. (Hat Tip: Built on a Rock) To listen to the NPR interview click here.


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