Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Clinton vs. History

My love of history helped me on my path back to our beautiful faith that is Catholicism. Part of the reason was when I did my own independent research on history I was amazed by how much I missed out due to liberal revisionism. Liberal elites seem to be ashamed of the true history about their movement. So when former President Bill Clinton wagged his finger to Chris Wallace on Fox News trying to save his pathetic legacy in office I was perturbed and was able to see how liberal elites continue to push their lies on us all. (Hat Tip: Lucianne)


Clinton is physically incapable of telling the truth. Anyone should be able to see it. Lies literally vomit forth from his mouth. I had actually forgotten how bad he is and how much I destested him as president.

Tito said...

Only God will determine what he said or not said is true. But he sure isn't making it any easier for himself with his lies.

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