Sunday, September 24, 2006

Video of Muslim History

A provocative video showing the advance of Islam from its inception juxtaposed with the Popes Quotes in context. (Hat Tip: CaNN) UPDATE: For another good video showcasing the history of the Middle East in 90 seconds click here.


This video needs to be shown on every TV station in Europe, North America, Latin America and Australia. Sadly it never will.

skeetor said...

I wonder how much a major television network would charge to run this as a commercial during prime time.

we should start a fund, I have $3.50.

Tito said...


I probably won't, but we can still try to spread the word on the correct history of our Catholic faith, (ipso facto) as well as Western history.

Tito said...


When I have more discretionary time I may consider (seriously) starting something like this.

Good idea.

God bless,


Esther said...

Maybe it will help if we put this video on our blogs.

Tito said...


It would help.

Every little bit helps.

Dean said...

It'll be on my blog tonight. Thank you for the find!

Tito said...

I see it, thanks for the link Dean.

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