Tuesday, September 19, 2006

John Kerry is No St. Thomas More

John Kerry, the junior senator from Massachusetts, has received publicity from the liberal Boston Globe and the liberal Washington Post touching on his renewed Catholic faith. According to Mr. Kerry, he returned to our Catholic faith after “wandering in the wilderness” from his return of from active duty in Vietnam. It is a touching story and one I am able to sympathize with.
"For 12 years I wandered in the wilderness, went through a divorce and struggled with questions about my direction. Then suddenly and movingly, I had a revelation about the connection between the work I was doing as a public servant and my formative teachings,"
Unfortunately he doesn’t practice his faith in public office. The article says:
"The pickle that some of these liberal policymakers find themselves in is, they know that faith is important to people, but when they get pinned down on their policy positions that are inconsistent with the tenets of their faith, they start hedging and talking about other factors in their decision."
St. Thomas More was beheaded by King Henry VIII because he would not acknowledge the wedding between the King and his mistress Anne Boleyn and indirectly for not recognizing King Henry VIII as ‘supreme head’ of the Church in England. St. Thomas More was a brilliant lawyer, former Chancellor of England, a knight, author, was fluent in Latin and Greek, and a martyr for his Catholic faith. St. Thomas More refused to compromise his faith for public favor. Unlike John Kerry who would rather ‘abort’ the pro-life teachings of Catholicism for public favor. To read Kerry’s renewal of faith click
here. To read Kerry’s compromise of faith click here. To read more about St. Thomas More click here.


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