Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bishops Push EU to Include Christianity Reference

A group of bishops met this past Monday to discuss 'ethical values for European unification'. This comes on the recent meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a protestant, and Pope Benedict XVI to discuss raising the issue of an explicit reference to Christianity in the European constitution. Chancellor Merkel said:
"I believe this treaty should be linked to Christianity and God because Christianity was decisive in the formation of Europe."
Recently referendums in the Netherlands and France sent the new constitution down into defeat for various reasons, one minor reason being that there is no reference to Christianity at all in the new European Union (EU) constitution. Pope John Paul II and the Catholic Church lobbied greatly for inclusion of a reference to the Christian heritage of Europe and the EU only referred to Christianity as "inspiration from the cultural, religious and humanist inheritance of Europe". Germany now joins Poland, Italy, Malta, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Ireland as countries wanting an explicit reference to the 1600 years of Christianity that helped form modern Europe today. Only the United Kingdom, Sweden, and of course France oppose such a measure. Let us pray that the EU will allow this to be enshrined in their new constitution. Words and symbols carry powerful meanings, and to deny 1600 years of Christianity is historically wrong. To read this article click here.


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