Monday, September 25, 2006

Germany's Persecution of Homeschoolers

The persecution of homeschoolers in Germany has been going on for years. The 'state' seems to think that they are the only ones capable of teaching and raising children in their disgustingly secular schools where they are indoctrinated with moral-relativism, socialism, and distorted and incorrect history. Raising young Germans that are hostile to Christianity and self-aborbed in worldly endeavors such as materialism. These homeschooling families should be allowed to raise their children without a hostile and secular government intervening or harassing how these children are raised.
The families are being heavily fined; the parents are being jailed; the children are being threatened with being seized and placed in the custody of the state; and families are being forced to flee to Austria and other surrounding countries.
(Hat Tip: The Brussels Journal) To read the Brussels Journal posting click here. To read the plight of one family fleeing imprisonment for homeschooling their children click here. UPDATED: European Human Rights Court Denies Appeal of German Homeschooling Family; says the right of the state supersedes that of the parents./LifeSite


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