Monday, January 9, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI Denounces Culture of Death

Pope Benedict XVI reiterated the Church's stance on abortion, euthanasia, homosexual marriage, and objectification by saying "no". No to the Culture of Death, no to the forces of evil, no to Lucifers relentless manifestations opposing life. In his Holiness own words: "We can say that also in our time a 'no' is necessary to the prevailing culture of death, an anti-culture that manifests itself, for example, in the escape in drugs,"... ... "Escape from reality in the illusory, in a false happiness that manifests itself in lies, in fraud, in injustice, in contempt for others, for solidarity, for responsibility vis-Ã -vis the poor and the suffering,"... Pope Benedict XVI went on to state continued opposition to the Culture of Death: ...objectification... ..."manifests itself in a sexuality that becomes pure gratification without responsibility, that makes of man a thing, so to speak, as it no longer considers him as person, with a personal love, with fidelity, but turns him into merchandise."... ..."To this apparent promise of fidelity, to this pomp of an apparent life which in reality is no more than an instrument of death, to this 'anti-culture,' we say 'no' to cultivate a culture of life," For Senators Ted Kennedy and John F. Kerry, these words are meaningless to them. We as Catholic must continue to pray for their conversion, for the conversion of all those that oppose life and propagate death. We need to pray for them, for if they do not convert, that their time in purgatory will be brief. For more click here.


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