Wednesday, April 12, 2006

ABC Network's Anti-Semitic Ten Commandments

Moses is not a Hebrew, nor is he a Jew, nor is his 'people' even referred to as Hebrew. The secular television network ABC has gone of the deep end on political correctness. In order not to 'offend' your friendly neighborhood Muslim terrorist or guilty white liberal, ABC has erased all references to the heritage of Moses and his 'people' in their new remaking of "The Ten Commandments". According to Jack Engelhard, the new television special has been "homogenized, pasteurized, sanitized and dry-cleaned so as not to offend any race, religion or creed" I do believe that ABC has really done a disservice to itself and its viewers. The program has zero spiritual reward and even the Pharoah comes off better than Moses just so that ABC can kowtow the guilty white liberal line of equal opportunity offender. So says I along with reviewer Jack Engelhard. (H/T NewsBusters) For more on this blog click here.


Thank God for Charalton Heston!

Stella said...

Think I'm going to go and secure a copy of the C.Heston version just to shake the ABC jitters off.

Anonymous said...




I just watched it a couple of weeks ago and it is still great to watch after all these years.

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