Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Nazism, Communism, Liberalism And Islamism

The 20th century saw the fruits of the 1789 French Revolution, Liberalism, come to its horrible conclusion in Nazism and Communism. Two despised ideologies that were prognosticated by the Catholic Church in 1864 that Pope Pius IX issued his now famous encyclical letter, the Syllabus of Errors. Pope Pius IX's Syllabus of Errors documented all the heretical ideas (Liberalism, Modernism, Communism, etc.) that threatened humanity, in essence, Christendom which is the Catholic Church. Today Catholicism is battling a two front war. The millenniumal Spiritual War against Lucifer, and its temporal manifestation in Liberalism. Unfortunately a greater evil believed by 100 times more followers of Nazism and Communism combined has come to infect Islam. Islamists, not to be confused with Islamic's who are of the more peacefull variant, adhere to a harsh form of Islam. A militant form of Islam that seeks world domination via Jihad, or Holy War. Islam sees the world through two spheres. One which is the House of Islam, where Muslims reside, and one in which non-Muslims reside, which is called the House of War. Even if only 10% of the billions of Muslims worldwide that believe in this form of Islam, Islamism (militant Islam), that would leave roughly 100 million adherents, many times over the combined numbers of Nazism and Communism. These Islamists love death more than life, which is the distinguishing factor between Islamists and Nazis and Communists. The latter two wanted to live, even at the expense of their ideology. No, not all Muslims adhere to militant Islam, but their voices are hardly ever heard at all. 9/11 -thousands of innocent Americans died by Islamists. Beslan - hundreds of innocent children executed by Islamists. Madrid - hundreds of innocent train passengers killed by Islamists. The list is longer and much more horrific. When will liberals see the true enemy rather than continue their march towards destroying civilized society by promoting euthanasia, abortion, and depraved lifestyles to the detriment of life. For more on this article click here. For the encyclical letter on the Syllabus of Errors click here.


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