Monday, April 3, 2006

Paul Verhoevens World

Paul Verhoeven, the film director of movie flop Basic Instinct 2, is blaming the failure of his film on Americans. He's quoted as saying, "Anything that is erotic has been banned in the United States,". Please Mr. Verhoeven, when an erotic thriller fails to make the big money on opening weekend in America, when has this been declared a "ban"? Mr. Verhoeven goes on to rant that "Look at the people at the top (of the government). We are living under a government that is constantly hammering out Christian values. And Christianity and sex have never been good friends." Hammering out Christian values? Christianity and sex have never been good friends? I believe that the film maker of smut is very distraught about his failure in making money off of deviant sex has caught up to his "European" sensibilities. Number one, name one piece of legislation that literally advocates Christian values. Number two, apparently Mr. Verhoeven has not read Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body. For the rest of Paul Verhoeven's rant on his failure as a deviant filmmaker, click here.


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