Monday, April 3, 2006

The Holy Eucharist; Real Presence, Real Power! Conference

This conference, organized by Fullness of Truth, was held in Corpus Christi, Texas. I drove roughly four hours with three other friends to attend this three day conference. The lectures I attended had the following speakers: Fr. John Corapi, Stephen Ray, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Jesse Romero, Steve Bollman, and Rosalind Moss. I would say that all of the speakers I heard were top notch. Not one was disappointing nor poorly delivered. In fact, I wish the conference organizers would have given them more time to speak! Father John Corapi was incredible. His insights on his tours of American parishes were terrifying, but knowing that top notch priests were coming in, and already here, to replace watered down priests were very heartening to hear. His command of theology, the catechism, and the issues involving the Church were mesmerizing. I plan to blog on his many topics he touched upon in my blog throughout the year. The subject of his lectures were, "The Truth Will Set You Free." An appropriate title for our times. If you ever have the opportunity to listen to him speak in person, I highly recommend you make the effort. He is just as great on television as he is in person, probably even better! Stephen Ray was a very animated, intelligent, and strong speaker. Very articulate in his thoughts, but he delivered his lectures with energy. His book, "Crossing the Tiber", does him no justice when meeting this man in person. He also is well know, except to me-a pleasant surprise, by his video documentaries of the Holy Land. Rosalind Moss is a recent convert story I have enjoyed reading. Listening to her in person really warmed my heart to her and any convert to our Faith. She certainly is an excellent speaker, soft spoken with her Jewish-Brooklyn accent. A convert from Judaism, she was able to explain the many connections that Judaism has to Christianity, specifically to Catholicism. She works for Catholic Answers. Yes, that Catholic Answers that we all go surf to learn more about our Catholic faith. She is a sincere, loving, and moving to listen to. Steve Bollman is a Houston native. He is the founder of Paradisus Dei, a lay organization helping couples to live a Christian life. I've only recently began viewing his series, That Man is You, a series that combines the best research from science with the teachings of the Catholic faith and the wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of a man fully alive. This is an awesome program in developing yourself as a man and husband in the best way possible as a Catholic. Words does me no justice in explaining this program. He is articulate, smart, and highly successful in his worldly vocation as well as his Catholic vocation. This is a man whom any married man looking for direction and a role model, should look into emulating in the fullness of his Catholic faith. Father Mitch Pacwa was certainly he seems to be from his programs on EWTN. What impressed me was his sound theology (for the record, I'm a neophyte in this subject) and strong conviction in our Catholic faith. Jesse Romero has the energy of an Energizer Bunny on steroids. This man could have been an evangelical preacher if he had not been born a Catholic; and if he was, he certainly would have come home to our Catholic faith. His evangelical type of charisma and vibrant enthusiasm was able to get us fellow Catholics off our feet and clapping for the Lord. I myself am not partial to the charismatic movement within the Church, but if you are, he is one that you wouldn't want to miss if you were to attend the next conference with Jesse Romero as a speaker! This is my first Catholic conference ever, so I have no previous experience to draw from. But I will say that for the price I paid, $40 on-site registration ($30 early registration), I got much more than my money's worth. My endorsement to anyone reading this post is a high recommendation to attend the next Fullness of Truth Conference, with many of the same speakers and more! This next conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas on July 28, 29, and 30th. To show you how good, no great, this conference experience was for me, I am considering attending this conference in July! For more information on this conference click here.


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. Fullness of Truth had a conference here at the Catholic Charismatic Center a few years ago, and it was much the same line-up: Fr. Corapi, Fr. Pacwa, Rosalind Moss; and Christopher West, Marcelino D'Ambrosio, and Fr. Bill Casey. They were just as motivating to listen to as you make it out to be. Glad you had the chance to go.

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