Friday, April 7, 2006

A Very Catholic George W. Bush

President George W. Bush delivered a very Catholic speech at the 3rd Annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast this morning in Washington, DC. The president spoke of the Culture of Life replacing the Culture of Death here in America, as well as remembering Pope John Paul II's impact on the world. If I wasn't mistaken, I think W. may be a Catholic and he doesn't even know it? I dare not start any speculation but he did nominate two Catholic Supreme Court Justices and his broth JEB is a Catholic. My Catholic sources tell me that JEB has influenced W. so much that it would explain W.'s embrace of the moniker of 'Culture of Life'. But this is just pure speculation and hearsay. The most important thing I take from W.'s speech is that he deeply respects and appreciates our Catholic faith and his embrace of many of our Catholic tenets is a major reason why more Catholics voted for W. rather than the alleged Catholic John Kerry. For more on this article click here. For the presidents full address at this conference click here. For more information about the Culture of Life read Pope John Paul II's encyclical called Evangelium Vitae (Value and inviolability on Human Life) click here.


I had always wanted to do a big post on the Catholic leanings of Bush and Blair you beat me to the punch!

On Anchoress's blog there has been some articles on this. Things always seem to go well for Bush on the days of Marian Feasts (and the date Bush selected to strike back at the Taliban was the Anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto aka the Feast of Our Lady of Victory.)

In a UP picture of the Bush family watching TV on election night you can clearly see a picture of Our Lady in the room.

In a case of sad but true, Bush more or less has to wait untill he gets out of office before converting, I think Evangelical Christians would feel betrayed (some on the fringes would say he is the anti-Christ) and the Liberals and the Media would have a field day with it. A third supreme court pic would be doomed at this point to, especailly if he/she were Catholic (or just pro-life.)

Still I think with Bush and Blair the question is not will they convert, but who will first?

These two are among the most powerful men in the world during an age of turmoil and a clash of Civilizations, their expereinces have cleary showed them that the ancient Catholic Church is the only thing we can gurantee will weather any storm and western civilization and a culture of life can only survive when bolstered by the "rock."

Perhaps Senator Brownback will enter and win the next Presidential election and be influential in converting both Bush and Blair.

Unknown said...


It wasn't planned. In fact when I began writing my Bush posting, I realized it would be two consecutive postings on the two (of three-the Pope being the other) most powerful people on the planet being possibly Catholic.


I wish. It's a long shot, but we can always pray about it.

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