Monday, April 10, 2006

Father John Corapi Quotables

Father John Corapi told a funny story at the Fullness of Truth Conference two weekends ago. For fairness sake, I believe he may have borrowed this story from Bishop Fulton Sheen, but that’s what I heard. Anyways, here’s the story. There was a sweet little old lady attending a Catholic conference on Bible stories. She was seated in the front row listening to a speech being given by an ‘enlightened’ priest was explaining how angels in the Bible were actually ‘literary devices’ used to flesh out a theme. Well, this didn’t sit to well with the sweet little old lady. So much so that people seated around her during the speech could hear her mutter:
“I wish one of those literary devices would come down from heaven and whack you upside the head.”
After the ‘enlightened’ priest was done with his lecture, he sat next to this sweet little old lady waiting for the next speaker. The sweet little old lady at this point in her life was not too concerned anymore of what people thought about her. So she leaned over to whisper to this ‘enlightened’ priest a question:

“Do you believe in Hell?”

To which the 'enlightened' priest smiled and chuckled, said:
“Why no, of course not, there is no such thing.”
The sweet little old lady then said quite satisfactorily:
“You will when you get there!”


Anonymous said...

Yup, gotto Love Father Corapi
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