Thursday, April 13, 2006

Roger Cardinal Mahony Hypocrita

(The pic shown here has Cardinal Mahony in the background behind the leotard clad dancers presiding over one of his 'Mass's as he watches his liturgical dancers mock the Eucharist.) I pray St. Michael the Archangel to give me the strength to take my sword of truth from thy sheath and crush thy enemies. Satan's lure of glory has intoxicated the disgraceful Roger Cardinal Mahony. This poor soul has destroyed the future for vocations in his Archdiocese of Los Angeles by promoting nuns to lead Mass, relegated the Mass to a Circe Soleil performance, and has allowed pagan ritual to infest the once sacred Mass. Cardinal Mahony has stood shoulder to shoulder with the agent of death that is Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa who stands proudly on his pro-abortion platform with Cardinal Mahony on his side. Where Cardinal Mahony ordered the arrest pro-life teens because they wanted to enter the inauguration ceremonies being held in the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Where Cardinal Mahony pastoral letter relegated the Holy Eucharist to irrelevancy. Furthermore, Roger Cardinal Mahony with his water vase jugs for chalices, liturgical dancers, disdain for tradition, and his censure of the pro-life movement is contemptible at best. What this archbishop has done to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and his flock is tragic. The sins of his flock are the sins of his own that will act as a millstone tied around his neck the day he enters Hell. Let us all pray for Cardinal Mahony's conversion so he can stop leading his flock astray from Lucifer's death grip. Or maybe Francis Cardinal Arinze is watching this wayward prelate. For more on this hypocrita click here. For an in-depth and day-to-day analysis on the near-schismatic Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles go to L.A. Catholic by Quintero, click here. For more ridiculous and sacrilegious photos of Cardinal Mahony's destruction of the Catholic Church click here.


Brent said...

Good gracious, Was Charlie Sheen invited?

Unknown said...

I'm sure he was there taking down phone numbers of both the liturgical dancers and the Cardinal's nuns! (if there are any)

Brent said...

That's good.

Karen said...

Please add me to your blogroll. I hate Roger Mahony with an unspeakable passion -- I'd mention it in confession, but I don't plan to stop. (I'm at regardless of what Blogger tells you to the contrary.)

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