Tuesday, January 17, 2006

American Idiot

The confirmation hearings on Judge Alito have been quite caustic last week, especially among the Democrats. Being fair-minded it can accurately be stated that Senators Ted Kennedy (Massachusetts) and Joe Biden (Delaware) were quite sophomoric in their antics, grandstanding in their questioning, and out of bounds on their accusations. Both are alleged Catholics that don't follow their Faith at all. Ted Kennedy has been by far the most vocal and ignorant in his rants against Judge Alito. His attempts at tagging Judge Alito as a misogynist and bigot because of his association with a Princeton alumni group because of a satirical essay written by this Princeton alumni group. This essay satired about why women and minorities shouldn't be allowed on the Princeton campus. What gets my gander is Ted Kennedy was reading from this statement thinking it was an actual position of this alumni group. Amplifying that this was an only all-male society. Today I hear now that Ted Kennedy is distancing himself from his own Harvard alumni group. This alumni group was kicked off of the Harvard campus about 20 years ago because it was an all-male 'fraternity'. Ted Kennedy has been a member for over 50 years. What an idiot.


matt said...

It's ironic that the only senator that has the blood of a woman directly on his hands is screaming about "misogyny".

Tito said...


There's so much junk on Ted Kennedy, you'd have to write a series of novels just to begin to cover his early years in the Senate alone.

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