Monday, January 30, 2006

Conde Update for 1-30-06 A.D.

Well my laptop is still on the fritz so I'm still blogging from the internationally renown University of St. Thomas (Houston) campus. I'm up to the middle of Exodus as far as reading the Bible is concerned. I have waaay much more to go. I can't remember it moneybags, Mr. Marine (NSD), or Fidei Defensor is attempting to read the entire Bible for their 2006 resolution as well. My small business is in a crucial 4-5 week period of survival, please pray for my success! Crossing the Tiber is one long book. It's heavy on theology and very interesting, but it's a bit much. So I read it in between customers at night. Saga of the Seven Suns book 4 is a great read. I read it at my local Borders or Barne's and Noble so as to prevent a hole in my pocket from getting any bigger. Surprised by Faith 2 is also good reading, but I think I'll pass on Patrick Madrid's 3rd book. I've been reading a lot of conversion stories, that's may favorite topic for the moment it seems. Just like two years ago when I discovered the treasure trove of John Wayne movies! McClintock is a great movie for western fans. Some of Clint Eastwood's stuff isn't bad either. Yeah, if it's not apparent by now, I looove reading books. Well, that's about it. Off to the Catholic blogosphere!!! (or is it blogsphere?) Besides praying the Rosary each day for Lent, I'm thinking of abstaining from TV as well. What are you guys going to do for Lent?


Nope must be the Sergant who is going to read the whole Bible.

My goal for lent is learn the Rosary in Latin, and maybe get the courage to kneel in front of the local planned parenthood while praying the rosary for a culture of life.

Tito said...

I thought of praying on my knees in front planned parenthood myself. I'll do it sometime this year.

Then it's either moneybags or Sarge.

Let us both pray for each other, maybe for the intercsion of brave saints like John the Baptist and George, that we will have the courage to go face to face with the culture of death with our Rosaries.

Moneybags said...

I'm the one trying to read the Bible through the year as part of my resolution. I'm finsihing the Book of Leviticus today.

Tito said...


Good idea.


Leviticus! Wow, good job.

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