Friday, January 13, 2006

No, Not French Benefits, Nobody Benefits From Being French

Well today seems like a good day to be silly. Everyone has heard the legend that Michelangelo designed the Swiss Guard uniforms. Well it is the 500th anniversary of the installation of the Swiss Guard as the official gate keepers of the Vatican. And many myths are being dispelled. One of which is that Michelangelo did not design the uniforms. They have those distinctive colors that represents the Medici family, in honor of Pope Clement VII. They are stylized because it made it easier to distinguish between friend and foe during combat. Other legends are dispelled as well. Like the one about the Leaning Tower of Pizza. For the rest of the article click here (scroll to the bottom to get to this article).


Theocoid said...

I would think the hot gooey toppings would prevent anyone from creating a leaning tower of pizza.

tom said...

caption for the picture...
"Young take that silly outfit off, or I'm going to get your mother here right now."

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