Thursday, January 5, 2006

New Christian Political Party

The Christian Heritage Party, or CHP, is entering Canadian politics with an advertising campaign highlighting their political platform. The CHP is officially pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. I am not that familiar with Canadian politics, but I do know that the Liberal party has a stranglehold on the country for the past 10-20 years. Unlike the two-party system that dominates here in the United States, Canada uses a parliamentary-style of government (technically a democracy). While in the United States we are technically a republic, not a democracy. The difference being that our head of state is directly elected, while in Canada the party that wins the most seats in the legislative branch chooses the leader. For example, if the Democrats were to hold the majority of seats in Congress, then Howard Dean would be the 'president' of the United States. Phew, yeah, it's only an example. Anyways, there is the Conservative party in Canada, but they are pretty much disunited and marginalized. This would be interesting if the United States were to have a Christian party as well. Yes, yes, the Republicans are sometimes recognized as the de facto Christian party, but having a Christian political party certainly make for a much more interesting political landscape. For more of this article click here.


If that shield be their logo I take it Saint George is their patron? I just hope the new party isn't a WASP only sort of affair.

Tony said...

Are we allowed to have a Christian party in the US? Now that would be a boil on the secularists' butt, now wouldn't it. :)

(Just makes me want to start one)

Tito said...

No it is not their logo. I just like the shield and decided to post it to bring attention to the article.

It would be nice to have an official Christian political party in the United States.

Franze said...

It would be beautiful, in Spain, we have several, but the electoral system don´t help them.

Tito said...


Are they Catholic?

matt said...

The Canadian Conservative Party is an amalgamation of two former parties: The old Conservative Party, and the Reform Party. The old conservative party was sliding into secular oblivion, having moved too far to the left. The Reform Party was headquartered in Alberta, Canada's bible belt, and the home of our beloved Bishop Henry. The party is nominally pro-life, and nominally opposed to gay marriage, although it's keeping those positions quiet.

It is not marginalized, currently it's running at 39% in polls, which would likely be enough to win a majority in parliament and form the next government when Canadians go to the polls later this month.

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