Monday, January 2, 2006

Blog Spotlight: + + relapsed catholic + +

+ + relapsed catholic + + is a wonderful and funny Catholic blog. The author of this blog is Kathy Shaidle from Toronto, Canada. She blogs on current events from a Catholic's perspective with a touch of humor. She responds to her emails within a day or two and seems always polite and happy in her correspondence. Her knowledge of her faith is excellent and her analysis of difficult issues are to the point and sometimes with sarcastic humor. You aren't allowed to post comments, but her blog is so good, you can do without this feature. I highly recommend you all to check this blog out! For her blog click here.


Eddy said...

Good site, thanks, I enjoy yours as well.

And for a bit of history, Kathy Shaidle's blogis the very first Catholic blog and she was the one to coin the term St. Blogs to refer to the Catholic blogosphere.

Jeff Miller

John P. said...

Kathy's blog is one of the first I'd ever come across back in 2000.

It was without doubt one of the first Catholic blogs, as well.

For those of you who may not know her well, the picture of Kathy is a few years old but still quite a good likeness.

Tito said...

Thank Eddy, Jeff, John, and GM.

She's is the first blog I hit, with the exception of Quintero at LA Catholic, each day before I begin work.

blueslord said...

Very good blog, conde.

I have linked to of her posts in my blog. Thanks for pointing out to us that very good blog.
Here they are:

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