Monday, January 30, 2006

Rugova Converted to Catholicism

The first President of Kosovo, a 98% Albanian Muslim population, died a Christian according to a prominent Albanian Catholic priest. President Rugova was the nominal leader of Kosovo's Muslims during the conflict with Serbia. He won the presidency in Kosovo's first free election and apparently died a Christian. This is significant news only because President Rugova is a prominent Muslim leader in Europe. Although the Kosovo Conflict was based more on ethnic tensions, religion and primarily Islam, fueled the fire of the rebellion. Most Albanians worldwide are Muslim (45%), then Catholic (30%), then Orthodox (25%). Albanians were originally Christian until the Ottomans conquered the Balkans and began forced conversions through threat of death. Apparently the rumors were rampant prior to his death. An accusation he neither confirmed nor denied. Though it is said that he asked Pope John Paul II and received his conversion from his holiness. The funeral itself was not Muslim nor Christian, but non-religious, which added more fuel to the fire. Imagine that, a Muslim converting to Catholicism. Happens all the time, but for a prominent Muslim, this is awesome! For more on recent speculation click here and here. For more on President Rugova click here. For prior speculation click here.


Mark my words, Tony Blair and George W. Bush both make very sinere but private conversions to Catholicsm once they are out of office. Heck I might have to do a post on this but I'm curious to know what you think Conde?

Tito said...


I know Tony is married to a (nominal?) Catholic and W's older brother is a Catholic.

That would be neat, because of the big Catholic influence in the state of Texas. For some reason, I could see Tony converting long before W.

Just my feelings if they do convert.

For W, I'm not so sure he would ever convert, but it would be nice!

Franze said...

The news about Rugova are interesting and I can say that it´s nice. Thanks for the post.

Tito said...


De nada amigo.

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