Monday, January 2, 2006

Can Europe Be Saved?

Pope Benedict XVI had an interview of his done while he was a Cardinal called 'Salt of the Earth'. I read the book and became convinced that our new Pope is the man needed to save Europe from himself, from self-destruction. In an essay written shortly prior to his election, Pope Benedict XVI wrote "Europe and its Discontents". This essay will be in the January journal of First Things, a US publication. In it, according to the article and in my opinion, Pope Benedict XVI discusses the 'self-hatred' of Europe in its view of itself that probably explains the low birthrates that Europe is experiencing now. This is a sign of the vital energy that is gone in what is Europe today. I myself can't wait to read it. For more click here.


Dad29 said...

Great minds, eh?

See my blog today referring to the Steyn article, which is worth the read...

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