Monday, January 2, 2006

Signs of Growth

Since the election of Pope Benedict XVI there has been a significant increase in Masses and encounters involving the Holy Father. These figures aren't even including the one million plus who attended World Youth Day 2005. In my personal and humble experience I have had the fortune of moving around this great country of ours these past seven years. During these moves I have encountered large and vibrant Catholic communities, especially the young adult groups. This great witness of faith contributed to my continual questioning of the main stream media's reporting of dwindling Sunday attendance and decrease in overall numbers who profess their faith. By witnessing these different dioceses and participating in these fellowships I myself can attest to the vibrant faith that we as Catholics are experiencing here in the United States. I myself have actively gone to just a Mass attendee to leading my own Bible study group, attending midweek Mass and participating in Catholic social charities. I no longer feel alone as I continue to meet people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures who our bound by our Catholic Faith. These reports emanating from Rome in the large numbers of attendees to functions involving Pope Benedict XVI are quite incredible and heart warming. I truly believe that Pope John Paul the Great is doing great work for us all now that he is with our Father. For more of this article click here. For pics on Pope Benedict XVI inauguration click here.


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