Thursday, January 26, 2006

Catholic Priest Blesses Hooters

A Catholic priest by the name of Monsignor Isidore Rozycki of St. Martin Parish in Tours, TX blessed the opening of a new Hooters restaurant in Waco, TX. Dozens of Protestant ministers wrote a letter to city and county officials, saying Hooters should not come to Waco. This is deeply embarrassing to know that a Catholic priest would bless an establishment that openly objectifies women in this secular culture. Especially after being given the title of monsignor by Pope John Paul the Great nearly a year ago to the day. Monsignor Isidore Rozycki should be ashamed of himself to be upstaged by our Protestant brothers for endorsing a racy establishment such as Hooters. Shame on Father Isidore Rozycki. For the article click here. For the Houston Chronicle article click here. For national coverage of this embarrassment to Texas Catholics (and worldwide) click here.


Moneybags said...

This is horrifying and shocking. I hope this won't happen again. And, he was given the title of monsignor? Wow, that's horrible.

Tito said...

It truly is.

Sometimes I just shake my head.

What can you do besides pray?

alan schneider said...

as i stated before (and i notice you haven't shown it) this 4th degree knight feels that you folks need 2 things: a - a life, and b - a sense of humor. i'll go on supporting our priests who support us and don't prey on our children. and yes, i'm a daddy, too!

Tito said...


Me thinks you don't understand the truth.

A priest blessing, for whatever his reasons, was his sincere way of reaching out to those of worldly values.

I doubt Msgr. did this as a joke.

As for your 'prey' comments concerning priests, we to are disgusted by their hedonistic and homosexual lifestyles. People like Msgr. promote vile and distasteful lifestyles that gives the image of condoning such behavior.

By the way, what does being a daddy have to do with Hooters?

Anonymous said...

Do you know this Priest? Because I do and he is one of the most God Fearing persons that I have EVER met. He is kind, loving, open=minded (this sometimes gets him in situations like this, from narrow minded folks) I am surely NOT going to cast the first stone at Father Isidore as I know that I am NOT without sin myself. HOWEVER!!! I have to ask the good hearted people that call themselves Christians if they would cross the road to help a whore if she was in danger? Father Isidore would have. So, I am thinking that Blessing a Building and the patrons and employees in prayer that they continue to be safe, healthy and prosporus is really NOT a sin. WHAT IS ALL THE FUSS about? You just wanting attention? Father Isidore wasn't out trying to stir up trouble or trying to grab the attention of the media or anyone else. He was just being what I would hope that any good christian would be, He was being kind. Do you need the meaning of that word? Why are you being so vicious to him? Is that the ways of the christian that you are? I am not even a catholic and I can see what he was doing in his heart. He was being kind.
I wish that before you cast that first stone that you would have taken a good long look at Father Isidore and of his parishioners past and present and asked them what THEY think of him. Then you would know that YOU have made a fool out of yourself. I am ashamed too. Ashamed that when a person tries to do some good, he is chastised for it. The SHAME IS ON YOU SIR! Leave the man alone and look in the mirror before you call someone else a sinner...before you cast that first stone!

Deborah Rozycki said...

I agree with you Anonymous and the others that support Father Isidore Rozycki and the other Priest of the world. I have children and brothers and sisters, a mother and Father and the most wonderful brother-in-law that a person could have and I personally and VERY PROUD of him.I would take them all to SHooters because we aren't going there to gaze at the girls. We go there to eat, unlike you apparently. My name is DEBORAH ROZYCKI and I do know Father Isidore Rozycki, I do know that he would not have "Cast the first stone" at anyone for anything that they did. HE BLESSED the bldg, the patrons and the employees for safety, prosperity and good health. I am sorry, but that just doesn't sound sinful to me.And YES! He would have invited my husband (his brother) and me to eat with him at hooters if the food is good. You see, the sin is not what he did. The sin, I would think, would be in the way the filthy minded people take it!!!!
Do you take your children to a public pool? Have you seen girls in swimsuits? Do you consider it a sin that you were there where the swimmers were? Grow-up! Get a life and take note....he doesn't tell you what to do in your religious beliefs. My email is if you have any coments

Anonymous said...

I am between a rock and a hard place on this one; as a practicing Catholic who has never been to Hooters, I can understand why my Catholic brethren would object to the blessing of a center of objectification of, and lust for, the fairer sex.

On the other side, he may have done what he did in hope that the establishment and those within it will come to Our Lord in the Eucharist, and that the Hooters girls will seek to imitate Our Blessed Mother rather than a Cosmo cover girl.

Tito said...

Anon & Deborah,

Open=minded meaning he condones sexual license.

Adolph Hitler was a nice guy to his friends and family.

I am not without sin, but when a priest does a public act such as he did, a public redoubt is in order.

I would cross the bridge to help a whore, but I wouldn’t be her pimp such as Fr. Isidore has done.

Remember this quote in the Gospel of St. Matthew:

“…but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”
--Matthew 18:6


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