Thursday, January 26, 2006

Joke of the Day: Cowboy Up!

I can't remember who told me this joke or where I heard this before, but I enjoyed it thoroughly so I am posting it for all of my avid readers! Warning: If you're a guilty white liberal, a practicing Salafist Muslim, or have been brainwashed in the U.S. public school system and/or re-educated in a secular university you may experience dillusional thoughts of political correctness with expressions of great anger on your face and bodily contortions of flailing arms. If you're not a guilty white liberal, a practicing Salafist Muslim, or any of the above, you may experience laughter, unusual facial contortions, and an urgency to tell other friends and/or acquaintances of this great new joke. And now for the joke... There are three college students studying together in a crowded coffee house for a United States History final exam. One is an American Indian student, one is a Muslim foreign exchange student, and the last student is a cowboy. After a long session of studying the American Indian student laments to his two other study partners and says: "Once we were many in this land, now we are scattered and few." The Muslim student followed up and said: "There are few of us here in your infidel country, but soon we will multiply, become many and create an American caliphate!" The cowboy looked at both of them and exclaimed to the Muslim student: "You wait and see, we haven't played Cowboys and Muslims yet!"


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