Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hollywood Doesn't Get It

After the homosexual cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain received several Golden Globe awards, the box office sales skyrocketed. This placed Brokeback up to number Five? Number Five (5)?! Why Hollywood doesn't get it and still can't make a decent film without promoting homosexual sex, bestiality, adultery, and uncommitted non-consequential sex. Why Hoodwinked the animated film about Little Red Riding Hood beat out the homosexual engaging cowpokes for the weekend of January 20-22, following the Golden Globes. After the Passion of the Christ and Narnia, Hollywood is still caught up in their perverted filth of imagination. For box office figures click here.


The Lord of the Rings is one of the few examples since Ben Hur of Hollywood giving a lot of awards to a movie that was both liked by the people and in line with religious sensibilities, though not as overtly religious as Narnia (and obviosuly way behind the Passion) it still stands on a higher mountian than Brokeback.

Tito said...


I heard a wild rumor that Mel Gibson is thinking of producing a film based on the Book of Maccabis? Have you heard any of this?

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