Friday, January 27, 2006

Blogroll Round Up 1-27-06 A.D.

I've seen others do this, so I figure why not me! A great excuse to plug other blogs that I enjoy reading. First one of course is Tischreden, formerly Ut Unum Sint, by Bill Cork. This blog is kept by a former Lutheran pastor who is now home in our Catholic faith. It has lots of good information on Houston area Catholic happenings as well as high brow dissections of many other bloggers comments and opinions. The readers of this blog are either religious or considering religious vocation, or could be but have different callings. The comments are thus very informative and sometimes entertaining. The second plug I'd like to point out is + + relapsed catholic + + by Kathy Shaidle. Never have I appreciated such consistent, quality sarcasm, from a Catholic perspective no less, than Kathy Shaidle. I've blogged about her blog before and I certainly have linked to her many a time. So of course I'm going talk about her blog! Another blog I enjoy is L.A. Catholic by Quintero. It's incisive commentary on the L.A. Catholic scene. Unfortunately L.A. seems to be falling into heresy and only Quintero seems able to blog about it (Come one, out of 5 million Angelinos, only on LA Catholic blog?). Mr. Quintero has an excellent grasp of the Catechism and he isn't shy about pointing out the blatant borderline liturgical abuses common throughout Cardinal Mahoney's archdiocese. The neophyte from the frozen tundra attending college is Fidei Defensor and his College Catholic blog. This is what a blog is if you follow the 'literal' definition, that of someone writing of his or her experience online. Great insight on University life and it's also heartwarming to know that College age Catholics are strong in their faith. This guy could be the next Andrew Sullivan... in a Catholic way, not cafeteria-Catholic. The Lair of the Catholic Caveman by a former Marine is hard-core Catholic. Just imagine CVSTOS FIDEI all grown up, mature, and grandfatherly. Yeah, that's me in about 40-50 years (grandfather part sooner I pray). If you are Ted Kennedy or a cafeteria-Catholic, then don't bother going to this website, you might collapse from a sudden punch-in-your-mouth-truth! This guys is the Michael Savage of Catholic blogging. The Cafeteria is Closed by Gerald Augustinus is niiice. It sounds better than reading 'niiice'. Anyways, this guy looks like he eats live chickens all day long and works out in between. He's a convert and he knows his stuff. Good, solid, hard hitting analysis of the secular world from a new Catholic's eyes. Others worth reading are Off the Record by Diogenes, Seattle Catholic, Thoughts of a Regular Guy (he aint regular, that's his M.O. This guy is polite and very sharp), and The Curt Jester. All of these, especially the first four, are excellent reads. Depending on your tastes, I highly recommend any of the above. As for me, I looove humor, so I'm off to Kathy's blog! God bless.


My friend... mi amigo... homie... goomba... what the hell do you mean "grandfatherly!!?? IN ABOUT 40-50 YEARS!!!???


How old do you think I am!!??

(and yes, I'm laughing my butt off right now!)

Hey, I'm only 46. Do I come across as some cranky old fart?

Anyhow, great post. Oh, and BTW, you must ALWAYS capitalize the "M" in Marine!

Gandpa Caveman

NSD, you'll have to forgive Conde for overestimating your age, somtimes though it seems like you were one of the guys raising the flag on Iwo Jima,it's hard to tell Marines apart when they are in uniform I suppose, haha~

Oh and another thing, the diffrences between me and Andrew Sullivan can not be stressed enough!

Glad you like my blog with its rather inconsistent style

Thanks for the endorsement, Conde, you're a gentleman and scholar.

And of course, Fidei, the differences between you are Sullivan are readily apparent; notably, you own a weed eater!

Tito said...

Wow, we're only about 10 years apart. You have 'grandfatherly' knowledge!

Your blog is constantly growing by the changes I keep seeing, keep up the good work.

Inconsistant or not, it's always a good read. Very original material.

I wanted to comment more on you and Seattle Catholic, but the library was about to close. I am trying to be more like you in being polite.

All of you all are great blogs. You all should not stop and continue telling the Truth with love.

God bless.

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