Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Pope Restates Opposition to Abortion

Another friendly reminder to the Kennedy-Kerry Kaliphate of Massachusetts that abortion is murder. I'm sure their sitting there in their posh Boston homes passing the kool-ade to each other and laughing their little heads off as Teresa heads off to the kitchen to make another batch of happy juice. Imagine Teddy making snarky remarks about how off kilter this new German pope is and Johnny K. snortingly laughing in concurrence. Then there's Saint Peter there hurringly trying to put together a whole warehouse full of grave and mortal sins in a compendium about these two CINOs (Catholic In Name Only). All we can do is to pray for their souls so they will see the error of their ways and hopefully avoid the fires of hell once their day arrives to answer for their past misdeeds. For the article(s) on Pope Benedict XVI's restatement click here and here.


May God bless him for his continued witness to Truth.

Eric said...

Very interesting concept for a blog!

tom said...

CINO....I like that and will steal it every chance I get...
would you consider linking my site to yours? Let me know.

Tito said...


Thank you!

Tito said...

Aspiring Lawyer,

Amen, amen.

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