Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Oriana Fallaci, Cultural Warrioress

Oriana Fallaci is one of the few Europeans that recognizes the demographic implosion that is occurring in Europe. Oriana Fallaci is an Italian firebrand living in New York City. She recognizes that if Europe continues to reject its Catholic heritage and continues to embrace the multicultural extremists and secularists agenda of tolerating the intolerant, there won't be a Europe to live in the near future. Oriana Fallaci calls President George W. Bush as one of Western civilizations few warriors that is breathing life into the revitalization of our culture. She also admires Pope Benedict XVI as probably the last hope in Europe itself to recuperate her lost past. This is pretty ironic coming from an atheist. Yeah, you read that correctly, an atheist. A self-proclaimed Catholic Atheist. Oriana Fallaci grew up in pre-Mussolini Italy as an ardent anti-Fascist. She worked diligently toward freeing her country from the grips of Il Duce's fascists and battled neo-fascists thereafter (post-World War II). She went into semi-retirement, but returned after witnessing the 9-11 attacks by radical Muslims. Watching the attacks firsthand then witnessing the resolve of the American people in the face of the worst attack on American soil gave her the strength to write what I consider her seminal work, "The Rage and the Pride". A book written with a tortured soul combined with passion enhancing her incisive analysis of why 9/11 occurred and forewarning the impending demise of Europe itself. The book was originally published in her home country of Italy where it was attacked viciously by the Italian mainstream media as "racist" and "bigoted". It was the bestselling book in Italian history not seen since Holy Bible's appearance on the world stage. The book went on to become a bestseller in Europe and was eventually released here in these United States. The book has been translated by Oriana Fallaci herself, so while reading the book you feel as if the Italian master herself was speaking to you in her accented English. The book is appropriately titled because you feel the Rage towards 200+ years of secularist claptrap that the French revolution spawned and has nearly engulfed European thought. The feel of Pride in seeing her American cousins respond, not by blaming themselves, but by reaching back into their Judeo-Christian subconscious and responding by saying we are proud to be Americans and we will not acquiesce to Muslim terrorists by behaving like Liberals or as European, secularist, multiculturalist, self-hating pschyzophrenic relativists. She implored her Italian brethren, her European cohorts, to reach inside and feel their 'patria', their heritage, their common Christian heritage, and be proud to be European. To be proud of the great works of Christianity, Catholicism in particular, and embrace this patria. Patria is the Italian equivalent of patriotism. Not literally, but in the sense of pride in their culture. She truly is a significant author in Western literary thought that will only be appreciated decades from now when historians review and dissect the seminal turning points in Western civilization. Unfortunately she is dyeing from cancer and proclaims 2006 to be her last year on earth. Shortly after the election of Pope Benedict XVI, she received a rare private audience with the Pope. I certainly wish I was a fly on the wall of that historic conversation. For FrontPageMag.com's Woman of the Year, Oriana Fallaci, click here. For a great Wall Street Journal interview with Oriana Fallaci click here. For the article on the historic meeting between His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and Oriana Fallaci click here and here. For NRO's article on Oriana Fallaci click here. For the Weekly Standar's article on Oriana Fallaci click here. For more on Ms. Fallaci's seminal work, "The Rage and the Pride", click here. For an indepth biography of Oriana Fallaci, click here. For the second book of her post-9/11 trilogy of books, The Force of Reason, click here.


It's nice to see that some Europeans still realize that their civilization is worth preserving.

Julie D. said...

Great post. I hadn't noticed this author before but am going to look for her book now. Thanks!

Tito said...

Thanks Julie!

She is a very passionate writer and her book is very provocative in an emotive way.

I hope you enjoy her book, tell me what you think.

I am not sure I like how this lady identifies herself as a "Catholic Athiest." In fact I am downright insulted by that.

Obviously, as most of us Catholic bloggers, and this lady realize, the current situation in Europe can only be fixed by a return to the Catholic culture the continent once held to high esteem.

However how can she take the good effects of Catholicsm upon a culture and cut them off from God?

If there is no such thing as a pro-choice Catholic, there is really no way there can be such a thing as an Athiest Catholic.

Tito said...

She claims to be a Catholic atheist, or more accurately, a Christian atheist.

I know, I agree.

But I wonder if she will find God before she passes away.

We should pray for her conversion.

Franze said...

She is a very brave brave woman, I know that she will confess their sins and she will die like a catholic.

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