Saturday, January 14, 2006

Europe May Force Priests To Marry Homosexuals

In another disturbing trend in Europe, the European Union may force clergy to marry sodomite couples. The EU's Network of Independent Experts on Human Rights states "...that 'right of access' should take precedence over rights of conscience for clergy or registrars." And liberals still claim they are open minded and freedom lovers. They want a police state to enforce their views on others. That's the freedom liberals and secularists want for us. Riiiight. The last few times liberals had absolute power we were on the brink of nuclear annihilation with the Soviet Union. The liberals utopia of the perfect society. For more on the article click here. In other police state, I mean, European Union edicts, the EU is forcing Spain to drop the tax exemption for the Catholic Church. For this article click here.


blueslord said...

This is horrible. I am astonished. If religion is something private as they have been telling for so long, how is that they are forcing private entities to make decisions that are opposed to their principles?

Franze said...

I waited that, in Europe there are powerful dictatorhip forces.

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