Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thought of the Day: Pro-Choice Catholics

If there is ever an oxymoron example of a term it is Pro-Choice Catholics. This is a grave sin to support the killing of unborn children. What am I suppose to do if I am aware of a Catholic who is an ardent supporter of the Culture of Death? What am I suppose to do if this Catholic is a prominent and active member of parish life as well as a leader of an organ of the Culture of Death? Outside of prayer, if I don't say anything about such Catholics, am I committing a sin of omission? Or am suppose to worry only about my sins and let God deal with these malcontents? Is it not a sin if I remain silent with the knowledge of prominent Catholics misleading other Catholics from example as well as from active engagement? Are the deaths of innocent unborn children on my hands if I don't 'call out' prominent Catholics who openly and without shame nor sense of moral compass continue to not only lead other Catholics to abortions but is also a leader of the Catholic community here in Houston? I ask my fellow bloggers, clergy and laity, what am I suppose to do? I'll pray about this.



I think somwhere in the NT after the Gospels this matter was addressed. First aproach the person and talk to them, then try aproaching them in a group. Then see the Priest about it.

This is really a tragic situation. I am no theologian, I would say though that by virtue of your prayers you have taken a course of action and are at least doing something, not letting the situation go by scott free.

Maybe the person is just woefully ignorant of the conflict between being Catholic and pro-choice? It may be hard to belive but think how many "Catholics" out there were simply never taught about the real prescence for example.

Good luck, I'll pray to for this cause.

According to the Spiritual Works of Mercy, we are DUTY BOUND as Catholics to (among other things);

1. Admonish the sinner.
2. Instruct the ignorant.

First off, get your ducks in a row. Have all your facts and figures correct and up to date.

Next, bring it to the attention of the parish priest. If he does nothing about it, take it to your Archbishop. If he does nothing, start writing letters to the local papers. Call into local radio talk shows, etc, etc. In essence, raise a stink.

Keep in mind, many priests and bishops look upon certain "big" parishes as the money machines for their diocese. I know... none of us want to hear that... but it's the truth.

If you start rocking the boat at a money making parish, don't be suprized if you get blown off as simply some "snot nosed college kid".

Stand your ground, bro. Remember... you're a Soldier of Christ.

But I'm a Marine of Christ ;-)

Tito said...

FD, NSD, & Franze,

Your comments are great. I'll pray first.

Then I'll wait until February when we have a more Catholic Archbishop take over the Archdiocese.

Then I'll approach the proper people.

Finally I'll leave it in God's hands and pray.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions.


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