Sunday, January 29, 2006

Shake Up in Anti-Christ Poll

Mahmoud al-Zahar and Sheik Nasrallah crash the Anti-Christ Top-10 poll in spectacular fashion. Due to these current events, President Ahmadinejad stays at number two but is leapfrogged by Mahmoud al-Zahar. With the Middle East seizing the international limelight due to Iran's Hitler-like President and Hamas Nazi party, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia gains for prestige due to his countries control of Islamic holy sites. In the wake of the French Intifadah, President Chirac drops a few spots while Senator Clinton makes a move towards the international stage as the 2008 U.S. presidential election starts creeping onto the radar screen. I previously hadn't put Osama Bin Laden in the poll rankings because of his limited resources and power, but like President Ahmadinejad, has the power to mobilize millions of Muslims towards Jihad with a single sentence. 1. Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar. A well funded terrorist organization via Iran, they openly want and is stated in the Hamas charter the complete destruction of Israel. After winning the elections, Mahmoud al-Zahar is in the center of the Middle East peace process which makes for a pretty complicated peaceful scenario to arise. Be extremely wary of his overtures for peace, false hope comes from false promises. 2. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, figure head, but can sway public opinion with his outrageous statements of wanting to 'wipe Israel off the map'. 3. Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei of Iran, Supreme Leader of Iran (succeeded Ayatollah Komeini). Wants to destroy Israel with any means necessary. 4. King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia. He and his family dynasty has been directly funding the building of mosques and the training of militant Islamic clerics which helped to produce the perpetrators of 9/11. 5. Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah. The number one funded Islamic terrorist group by Iran. Nasrallah, a Shi'ite Muslim, takes credit for pushing the Israeli's out of southern Lebanon and is currently subjugating Christians and Sunni Muslims wherever they are in control. This is a violent Islamic terrorist organization that will do anything, including planting a nuclear bomb in Tel Aviv, to reach its objectives of creating a Caliphate in the Middle East. 6. Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il of North Korea, has missile technology that can deliver nuclear bombs to the west coast of the United States. Currently developing nuclear weapons in open defiance of the U.N. 7. General-Secretary Kofi Anan of the U.N., elected by the majority of countries that don't hold democratic elections themselves. For a bureaucrat with strict Internationalist and liberal leanings, having the power in the magnitude of the U.N. is not needed for a closet anti-Semite like Mr. Anan. 8. Osama Bin Laden Almost incapacitated, but still able to operate - though weakly 9. Shamil Basayev, de facto Chechen rebel leader. Wants to create a Caliphate in Central Asia. Has the people and the determination to willingly use a nuclear bomb if it is given to him. Is he really dead? 10. President Hu Jintao of Communist China. Is building a near-super power that may rival the U.S. in 20 years time. President Hu Jintao represents a repressive regime that is willing to kill its own citizens to stay in power. A regime that doesn't allow for freedom of religion. A regime that is militarily hostile to its immediate neighbors with a proven history of conquest and subjugation. Followed by the destruction of local culture and language. Dishonorable mention: President Jacque Chirac of France, a wolf in sheeps clothing. Will do everything, even at the cost of losing his soul, to undermine every single U.S. foreign policy effort of domestic security. Apparently he is also willing to do nothing when it comes to Muslim insurgents rampaging all across France for the 13th consecutive night. He seems to be heading into lame duck status with his falling approval ratings in the wake of French Muslim Intifadah. Senator Hillary Clinton of New York. Senator Clinton wants to be P.O.T.U.S. She wants to perpetuate the Clinton ideals of socialism, universal healthcare, contempt for Christianity in order to bring back the good old days of Caligula, I mean her husband Bill. President Bill Clinton of the U.S., is eyeing the General-Secretary position of the U.N. Would then work diligently to undermine the effectiveness of the U.S. in resolving internal matters. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. With his anti-American rhetoric going into high gear, he can prove unpredictable for a man sitting on the largest oil reserves in the America's. Just imagine a Latino Jimmy Carter with an ego. Yeah, it's that scary. President Jimmy Carter. Argueable the worst 20th century U.S. president ever, could be the sentimental choice for the Secretary-General seat of the U.N. Now that would be scary! For the previous poll click here.


I have a feeling there are some disturbing links between mega-power China and the Jihad World. THe only question pertains to the tail wagging the dog or visa versa.

Tito said...

There are definate oil links between Iran and China. And China needs that oil for their booming economy.

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