Friday, January 13, 2006

Pro-Life Ads Defaced In San Francisco

Due to the lack of ideas and the inability to respond with a coherent argument, many riders of the BART subway system have defaced Pro-Life advertisements on their carriages. The Respect Life Ministry of the Oakland Diocese has paid $43,200 to display these pro-life ads through the end of January. Many of these ads have been written on, pasted over, torn up, ripped off, and removed completely. Even the extras that BART has to replace the defaced ads have been exhausted and the Oakland Diocese is trying to print many news one. In fact the Oakland Diocese is asking for an extension of these ads due to the shortened period of time these ads have been exposed to due to these vandals. It's apparent that San Francisco is the West Coast capitol of Deviant Sexual activities. Many people have been brainwashed into believing the Culture of Death mantra of abortion on demand. This goes to show everyone how shallow minded these people are that their response is to vandalize a message. We should pray for these sodomites and their supporters from the Culture of Death. For the article click here. The Catholic League weighs in on this situation.


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