Thursday, January 12, 2006

University of Wisconsin Bans Bible Study

The president of the state of Wisconsins university system is reviewing a policy that bans Bible study groups from operating in residence halls and lead by university staff. This comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed in federal court by a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire student over religious discrimination. Wow, the secularists really do have a stranglehold on our institutions of higher learning. To the point of openly discriminating against Christians and Christian literature. Let's pray for the conversion of these heathens so that they may be guided by the Holy Spirit to do what is right in this alleged free society we live in. For more on the article click here.


Anonymous said...

Note carefully: Bible studies aren't banned in residence halls--only those led by university staff (e.g., resident assistants). It's a matter of separating one's role as a dorm supervisor from giving Bible studies.

(Of course, I'm guessing these same universities would require these same RAs to give condom talks and would have a problem with RAs who refused, based on religious reasons).

Anonymous said...

You know my ex graduated from the UW system. Boy, does she need religion!!

Tito said...

I meant to write "...Bible studies that are led by residence staff...".

Good point anonymous.

Conde, I have had a unique front row seat to this controversy.

The RA's being banned were pretty hardcore Protestants who had converted many Catholics out of the Church I believe.

Of course that said the loudest voice in complaint were Athiests/secularists. These people don't see any diffrence between Catholics, Protestants.

The RA's can still lead Bible studies just not in their rooms, but can do so in the Library for example.

I can try to field any questions anyone has on this.

Bill said...

BTW, the first anonymous is me.

Tito said...

Thanks Bill.

I was careful in typing it correctly so as not to exaggerate, but sometimes my thoughts don't make it to the end of my fingertips.

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