Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Catholic Church Used for Polling Violates Law?

The Appignani Humanist Legal Center, which is part of the American Humanist Association, has filed a lawsuit against the supervisor of elections for Palm Beach County, Arthur Anderson (defendant). Jerry Rabinowitz, a nonpracticing Jew, is offended to have to view crucifixes while voting.
A nonobservant Jew whose voting precinct is in a Catholic church has sued, claiming that casting a ballot amidst crucifixes and anti-abortion banners amounted to a breach of church-state separation. Jerry Rabinowitz of Delray Beach filed the lawsuit Friday in federal court here, saying elections officials refused to remove or cover religious materials at Emmanuel Catholic Church when he voted last month. . . According to the lawsuit, in order to reach the polling site, Rabinowitz had to walk past an anti-abortion banner flanked by large crosses. Once inside, he said he had to vote in a room with crucifixes, a poster of the Ten Commandments and signs with messages including "Each of Us Matters to God." "The use of this church as the polling place in this case, with all of its outward and obvious manifestations of a particular religion, has the primary effect of advancing a particular religion over other religious and nonreligious positions," the suit claims.
My question is, I have not read anywhere in the constitution that explicitly states "seperation of church and state". For the rest of the story click here.


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