Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Kwanzaa

I'm reposting a previous entry from nearly a year ago today. First of all I would like to give full credit to Kathy Shaidle over at her Relapsed Catholic blog for penning this bit of truth. As I see our great nation battle itself in these culture wars I shiver at times to think that many good Americans of African ancestry are falling for baloney such as the false holiday named 'Kwanzaa'. Especially when President Bush sends out a Kwanzaa message, that is the epitome of ludicrousness. Anyways click here and here for Miss Shaidles original posting of this entertaining poem on Kwanzaa, or just scroll further down and read it here. To read the fall-out among guilty-white-liberals to Miss Shaidle click here. ...and without further delay, the entertaining and factually correct poem on Kwanzaa: 'Twas the night before Kwanzaa And all through the 'hood, Maulana Karenga was up to no good. He'd tortured a woman and spent time in jail. He needed a new scam that just wouldn't fail. ("So what if I stuck some chick's toe in a vice? Nobody said revolution was nice!") The Sixties were over. Now what would he do? Why, he went back to school -- so that's "Dr." to you! He once ordered shootouts at UCLA Now he teaches Black Studies just miles away. Then to top it all off, the good Doctor's new plan Was to get rid of Christmas and p*** off The Man. Karenga invented a fake holiday. He called the thing Kwanza. "Hey, what's that you say? "You don't get what's 'black' about Maoist baloney? You say that my festival's totally phony? "Who cares if corn isn't an African crop? Who cares if our 'harvest's' a month or two off? Who cares if Swahili's not our mother tongue? A lie for The Cause never hurt anyone! "Umoja! Ujima! Kujichagulia, too! Collectivist crap never sounded so cool! Those guilty white liberals -- easy to fool. Your kids will now celebrate Kwanzaa in school!" And we heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight: "Happy Kwanzaa to all, except if you're white!" (Hat Tip: Relapsed Catholic) For an excellent critique by La Shawn Barber on Kwanzaa click here. For my original posting click here and here.
For an ACLU holiday song click here.
UPDATED: For a great article by Ann Coulter on Kwanzaa click here.


EC Gefroh said...

I had to do a little research on Kwanzaa for a group and boy oh boy, everything in that poem seems to be right on the mark.

I deleted a comment by guerillawarfareonu because of it's profanity.

The post could have been posted without such need of vulgarity.

No profanity has ever been tolerated, nor will be tolerated, ever on my blog.

I like other points of views to be posted, but only if done in a civil manner.

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


Anonymous said...

Point taken. Nevertheless, none of what was said needed to be researched, as others here need to obviously do, but that is not why you took down that post. you will probably take this one down as well, though you will see it contains no profanity, only the same truth, which is the real reason you took that post down. dont blame your weakness of stance and perception on censorship; that is a weasel's way out. if u didn't like what i said, talking about "i want other perspectives", u should have claimed that that was the reason why you took my post down. people need to see other persepctives. people like you have for centuries prevented that because you fear what you do not overstand and you all know what you have reaped upon this earth, ancestrally. YOU COULD NOT STAND NOR DID YOU POSSES THE INTESTINAL FORTITUDE REQUIRED TO STAND UP TO WHOEVER GIVES THE THUMBS UP OVER YOUR BUDGET FOR THIS SITE, TO RISK THEM POTENTIALLY SEEING THE ORIGINAL TRUTH FROM AN ORIGINAL BEING THAT I ORIGINALLY POSTED. that is the real reason you took it down. Everything I said about Yeshua Ben Yosef, his family, Catholics and Christianity (by the way "penis" was the scientific term last time I checked; ursoweak), Karenga, and the relevance of his past versus the relevance of personal histories of people like george walker texas ranger bush and tricky dick cheney; and the Nguzo Saba and the true spirit of Kwanzaa which is of no real threat to anyone currently not celebrating it, or any other religion; nor is Karenga's impotent b-u-t-t; and other religions and the nautre of those who make up stuff like this site and that poem as opposed to people who dwell in the real world and right (yes, i meant that) stuff like this- ALL OF THAT WAS TRUTH FEW EYES HAVE HAD THE AWAKENING FROM THAT SLUMBER OF KINGU PLEASURE OF EXPERIENCING. My point was that, as usual and of course shown naturally to only shine my point by yours truly, I exposed the truth, and then you made a mockery of that truth, just like goofy chick with the "duuuh, im clever" dittybop poem about kwanzaa, which is neither funny, nor amusing, nor clever. its just ignorant, and as i said, in the nature of destruction, that is all you guys ever do. you mocked what i wrote by censoring my right to post it. i just finished a graduate level arts media and law course dawg don't play with me. Don't censor, fascist! Shame on America eats its young and looks the other way while the wolves come out to play. Look out for those snakes in the grass...white man scream, "Swim Starks Sharks!"...

Anonymous said...

Dear World War III,

If you want people to read your screeds, kindly learn about the use of the "paragraph." My eyes glazed over.

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