Friday, December 22, 2006

Secular Anxiety

Where do the secularists think they get the idea of 'do not steal' and other basic (alleged) secular values? It comes from America's religious heritage. To be precise and politically incorrect at the same time, it is properly called America's Judeo-Christian heritage. It can be safely said that today atheists, secularists, and liberal Christians are having anxiety attacks as orthodox Christianity makes a resurgent comeback in the mainstream of American life. Why do these people, eg, secularists to be short, feel that it is absolutely necessary to separate faith from reason? To replace religion with humanism? Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal addresses this in a finely written article today titled, 'Religion in the Modern Age'. Here's snippet:
They may think they represent the alternative: a higher, productive rationality. But they are underestimating their own secular competition--the many, often confused cultures loose in the U.S. now. Hip-hop culture, acquisitive consumerism, fashion, hipsterism, street gangs, mystical evironmentalism, Web-centered "reality" cultures. Where's the higher-level thinking here? And by way, the hobgoblin fear of bioengineered food doesn't reside in the American South but in agnostic Europe.

Yes, what an interesting find that Mr. Henninger has come across. Since the rejection of Christianity in public life around the French riots of 1968, europe has failed to produce a single scientific find or cultural advance at all. Why is that?

Do virtues matter as ballast in a dynamic, complex society? If yes, where will they come from? Do secularists simply expropriate them from religion? Or do they create their own, such as "do not oppress"?
Where will they come from indeed? From a foundationless secular mind that has rejected 5000 years of Judeo-Christian culture?
Atheists and the unchurched undervalue the extent to which they are getting a free ride on the social strength that religious-based virtue provides. It's one thing to write in a book that we don't need them. But I'd rather not run the real-world experiment of navigating without them. And this is why this weekend so many will spend an hour with virtue's originalists.
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