Monday, December 18, 2006

The Great Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria

Archbishop Peter Akinola is the primate for Nigeria's Anglican church. He leads what is arguably the second most powerful Anglican church after the Archbishop of Canterbury. He represents the strong and growing Christian church within Anglicanism, a sharp contrast to the weak and heterdoxical Mrs. Katharine Jefforts-Schori who 'leads' the Episcopal church in America.
Archbishop Akinola is resolute and orthodox as can be for being an Anglican and all in his Christianity. He represents all that is good and right in Anglicanism and he just accepted two of the oldest and most powerful congregations from the Episcopal church in America, Truro and Falls church in northern Virginia.
A father of six, he describes himself as "an ordinary pastor in the church of God" but chosen by God to protect the scriptures. Never the one to shy away from controversy, Bishop Akinola's radical views and public criticism of government policies quickly made him popular among Nigerian Christians and led to his election as head of the powerful Christian Association of Nigeria, an umbrella organisation for all Nigerian christian groups. Born in Abeaokuta in south-western Nigeria in 1944, Mr Akinola is popular for his unique understanding of African cultures which he always related with parallels from the Bible's Old Testament.
I wish we had more bishops here in the Catholic Church in America, someone with a spine that speaks with love and charity on difficult and orthodox issues. Take Archbishop Akinola and see the sharp contrast between him and Mrs. Katharine Jefforts-Schori.
To read more about Archbishop Akinola click here.
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Anonymous said...

There's nothing 'great' about a man who thinks he has valid orders, has only 2 sacraments and thinks his 'church' can be valid separate from Rome.

Unknown said...


I understand where you are coming from. My appelation to his name is in reference to his stand on orthodoxy.

I do understand where you're coming from... him not being a REAL Archbishop and all... but supporting him for his "stand on orthodoxy" just don't cut it, bro.

He may have the Christian view on sodomy correct, but it's simply impossible to be orthodox and in heresy simultaniously.

Unknown said...


Excellent point. I play fast and loose sometimes when I draft these postings. I rarely proofread. But enough of my excuses.

I'll update it soon.

I always knew you were a good man, Tito! And please don't ever rewf to me as "Sarge"!!! *AAAAAARGH!*

Marines HATE that phrase!!!!!! *insert evil grin here!*

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