Friday, December 22, 2006

Top 10 Notorious American Catholic Politicians

To qualify for this notorious listing an American needs to be a Catholic politician and pro-abortion (pro-choice). The rankings are based on what I perceive to be their influence in politics. This would include their celebrity, stature, and popularity among the American voting public. Thusly how they are able to influence the course of American in general. If they are more influential than others, they have a higher ranking. Why compile a list like this? Because we as Catholics who practice our faith need to be aware of those who claim to be Catholic but their actions say otherwise. Generally do we want to live in a country slouching towards Gomorrah or rising to a shining city on a hill? 1. Rudy Giuliani. Former Republican mayor of New York City. Possible Republican candidate for the 2008 US Presidential elections. Has high numbers from both liberals and conservative, Republicans as well as Democrats. He has no respect for the unborn as well as his Catholic faith. He is extremely dangerous due to his popularity as the leader of 9/11 New York City (and deservedly so), but his pro-choice (pro-abortion) politics will provide for a further erosion of the American experiment with his skewed understanding of Catholic Social Justice, eg, socialism for all. ONE BIIIG ADDENDUM: Assuming that Mayor Giuliani will appoint pro-choice (pro-abortion) Justices to the Supreme Court, appoint pro-choice (pro-abortion) cabinet secretary's, and push forward pro-choice (pro-abortion) legislation then he will remain number one (1). Otherwise, he drops completely from the poll. 2. Joe Biden. US Democratic Senator from Delaware and a far left Liberal. Claims to be a devout Catholic and even has his own convoy of Catholic priests that tag along with him to add alleged 'Catholic' gravitas. Wants only the wanton destruction of unborn children and has contempt for natural law along with a complete disregard for Catholic teachings. Is intelligent, sincere, photogenic, and savvy. Can create a great deal of damage to the culture of life by extending the half life of the culture of death that he represents. 3. Nancy Pelosi. US Democratic Congresswoman from San Francisco. Prototypical liberal. Abortion on demand, homosexual license for all, militant feminist and environmentalist agenda, and a complete lack of respect for Catholic teaching. Has not an ounce of Catholicism in her bones but carries great influence as the Ann Bolyn of the Democratic Party as Speaker of the House. 4. Ted Kennedy. US Democratic senior Senator from Massachusett's. The poster boy for liberals. Does lines of cocaine with his adolescent children, commits adultery at every turn, prays to the porcelain goddess each week, is a devout in his debauchery and gluttony, and is the epitome of a Catholic in name only. His family name pretty much carries him (his entire life come to think of it). Is incapable of original thought beyond deciding on what girl to hit on and what beer to drink. To continue would be uncharitable on my part. He carries a lot of power through the inertia that was once the great and mighty name of Kennedy. Completely brought down the Kennedy name (with some help from his cousins and nephews) from devout yellow-dog Catholic Democrats to the laughingstock of the Democratic party. 5. John Kerry. US Democratic junior Senator from Massachusett's. Lacks conviction, morals, and pride in his Catholic faith. Prays to the goddess of fame and fortune. Fortunately he is his own worse enemy. A wolf in sheep's clothing can still carry a lot of influence due to his expansive network of extreme social liberals and activists. 6. Bill Richardson. Democratic governor of New Mexico. Smart, bilingual, aggressive, articulate, and a Catholic in name only. Will do tremendous damage to the pro-life movement with his high popularity among Americans of Mexican descent. A former cabinet member of the Clinton administration, he has the gravitas on the national stage to make a run for the US presidency. 7. George Pataki. Republican governor of New York. The mini-me of Rudy Giuliani but the wherewithal to do damage to the pro-life movement on a national stage. Again, he is dangerous because he, like Mr. Giuliani, can go under the radar and sneak into the national presidential stage in 2008. 8. Mario Cuomo. Former Democratic governor of New York. He has a skewed understanding of Catholic social teaching as well as other tenets of the faith. He sincerely believes to be a practicing Catholic yet his actions exhibit otherwise. Fortunately, like John Kerry, he has no mastery of what comes out of his mouth and usually makes a fool of himself before the American public can realize for themselves how incompetent he is. Unfortunately he is the darling of the mainstream media which for all intents and purposes is liberal or very liberal. He still carries a national following and hence why he is at number eight (8). 9. Bob Casey, Jr. Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania. A practicing Catholic and a conservative. A rare yellow dog Democrat. Unfortunately he has made a deal with the devil and has begun to crack under intense lobbying pressure from the liberal activists and donors of the Democratic election machine. Has begun to rationalize his Catholic faith away and is heading down the dark path of relativism. Has fooled many good God-fearing Christians in western Pennsylvania in electing him over the orthodox Rick Santorum. 10. Patrick Kennedy. Democratic Representative from Rhode Island. Like uncle Teddy, the Kennedy name has basically carried this lightweight. When not crashing his car into barriers on Pennsylvania Avenue around midnight he parlays his family name and Catholic credentials to the Catholic in name only Catholic of Rhode Island. Dishonorable Mention: Arnold Schwarzenegger (GOP Gov of California), Barbara Mikulski (DEM Sen of MD), Dick Durbin (DEM Sen of IL), and Pat Leahy (DEM Sen of VT). For an excellent article on these Catholic politicians by Crisis Magazine click here. UPDATED: See number one (1). UPDATED AGAIN: Pat Buchanan has been removed from the dishonorable mention list. I cannot let my bias against his political maneuvering reflect that he is actually an advocate for western civilization.


Great list, Tito! Two politicians I would add to the list include: Kathleen Sebelius - Governor of Kansas- who is pro-death and accepts money from late-term abortionist George Tiller to support late-term abortions without state regulations, and Pat Morrison - Pat Morrison - KS Attorney General who follows in the footsteps of Sebelius. He is strongly pro-death and accepted campaign money from Tiller, while at the same time, was teaching marriage preparation classes in his Catholic parish.

You can learn more about Paul Morrison here
and here
and Kathleen Sebelius here

Thanks for a great post!

God bless,

EC Gefroh said...

Like Jean wrote, it's a great list. Hope you don't mind me linking to it.
God bless,

Unknown said...


There are many state level pro-abortion candidates for the top-10 and so I concentrated on those that would have a national impact. Thanks for the info though, they may gain national prominence (hopefully not) so it's good to keep tabs on these decieved souls.


Unknown said...


By all means! Everyone has my unconditional approval to link onto anything on my humble blog.

Fine post, I agree about 99%. With Bob Casey, as upset as I was with the fact that he beat Santorum, I will give him the benifit of the doubt for the time being. If he sells out and reveals himself to be Chuck Schumer's pawn, then any scorn he gets is deserved. However, I do have great respect for his father, and as long as there is a chance that Casey will follow in his footsteps I'll retain some hope.

As for Pelosi, one thing about her that struck me as odd, in a pleasently surprised sort of way I must admit, is that she has a fairly large family (like 4-5 kids) which by San Francisco Standards must seem "a bit to much." Maybe, as much as she is mixed about about Catholic teachings and her role as a poltiican, on a family level she still has some respect for the Church? No clue, I may be being to optimistic on both counts.

I was wondering why Pat Buchanan got a dishonorable mention. Isn't he pro-life and in keeping with Church teaching on other topics?

Unknown said...

Florida Wife,

Excellent question. His worldview is sometimes bigoted. He is pro-choice, but he is also extremely divisive amongst fellow pro-lifers and is capable of sabotoging elections like he did with Bob Dole and George HW Bush.

I have mixed thoughts on him and had him originally in the top-10, but gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Remember this is my personal opinion based on what I know of these politicians. I will admit if he turns out to be a major pro-life player I will certainly admit my mistake and give him due credit.


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